Welcome to Life Skills Academy!

Who is this class for?

While some places use the term 'Life Skills' to refer to basic skills for Special Needs children, this does not apply to our curriculum. Our program is intended for all children.

Our goal is simple: To equip all middle and high school students with life skills that will help them to be happy and successful in life, and improve their academic performance.

What we teach

We cover a wide range of life skills like critical thinking, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, career options and household maintenance (more detailed list under the curriculum tab). Studies have shown that skills like Emotional Intelligence are very important to a person's success in life, and also improve academic performance. Schools often do not have time to teach these skills because they have so many pressures to teach their state mandated curriculum. 


Dear Sam,
​You have created a really wonderful program in your Life Skills Academy! I can tell it is filed with your care and wisdom. A. and others are so lucky that you felt the need to share with others. I read every packet and talked every day with A., who loved your class and you! I'm going to tell people about you and LSA and wish you the very best! Sincerely, D. and A." 

Program Format

Adulting Skills 101 and 102:

Courses consist of 5 classes each, with classes lasting for 2 1/2 hrs. Each course covers different life skills - details are on the Course pages. During Fall and Spring, classes meet one day a week in the evening or weekend. In the Summer class meets everyday for a week. 

Adulting Skills 202:

Ongoing class that meets once a month for 2 1/2 hrs.

Both classes are Power point based lecture classes with plenty of interactivity and hands on activities.

More about our course

Our classes are FUN - students want to come! We use a heavily discussion based (Socratic) instruction / guided exploration format that requires and rewards student participation. Every student will feel like his or her opinion is heard and valued. In addition, kids can see immediately how our subjects could be useful to them on a practical basis in their lives, which gives them an incentive to attend.  

Students who wish to attend refresher training can attend future classes at no charge if space is available.

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Reviews and In the News

Feel free to peruse our reviews on Google or Facebook 


In the News:

Check out the article that Community Impact - McKinney wrote on us in their March 2019 issue!

For your enjoyment:

Here is an entertaining music video about life skills that are not being taught in schools, sung by pop group BoyInaBand. We just happen to touch on most of the topics he describes :-) 

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