Founder Sam Banerjee, MS, MBA

My name is Sam Banerjee and I am a business owner in McKinney, TX. I have Bachelor of Science degrees in Math and Physics,and Masters degrees in Optics and Business. I have three children in public school. I was driven to start Life Skills Academy because I realized that so much of the formal education I was given turned out to be useless to me, whereas a lot of things that would have helped me were not taught. For every Einstein or Steve Jobs that we did get I believe that there were many others that could have achieved similar greatness but derailed themselves with poor life choices; I also believe that many of these people could have been taught some simple skills that would have prevented this derailment, leading to not only their lives but also society being immeasurably enriched. In order to achieve this goal, we started teaching our Life Skills 101 class in the Spring of 2017

Teacher Lana Terrell, BA, Certified Teacher

My name is Lana Terrell (Ms. T), I am a mother of two young adult daughters who have graduated from Heritage High School in Frisco. I have been working in education for over 10 years. When I am not teaching Life Skills I am a substitute teacher of all grades in the Frisco ISD. I love working with kids and I believe all important issues in life simply can’t be taught in our schools. 

I’ve been working with Sam for 1 year and together we plant seeds as we learn different topics and enjoy deep conversations about many topics. Life Skills are wonderful to learn outside the home and outside the regular classroom.  We strive to give your children different perspectives and hear from other adults and students from our community.